Wednesday, September 29, 2010

GateFold Christmas Mini Pics.

I thought I'd never get time to take the pics, but here they are.  I love the paper, found it at Hobby Lobby.  I'm loving having a Hobby Lobby here in Florida, and I LOVE that they are closed on Sundays!  Ok I have kept you waiting long enough.
The front page has a little angel charm.

I made little Gingy pull tabs.  Ain't he cute? 
I used silk flowers in this mini.  I sprayed these with Pearl-X and alcohol.

All of the snowflakes have been sprayed as well.  I love things that sparkle!
Mmmm, I wonder if my Hubby will take that as a hint?  LOL!

The little Christmas tree is covered in glitter and Crystal Effects.  I really have a love-hate realationship with glitter.  But it's soooo pretty and shiny.
And the back.  I really love making these.  Once you get the first one together the go together so easy.  Laura at Following the Paper Trail is awesome for sharing!

Later Taters


  1. You know I have to have those snowflakes. Were they done on the cricut or did you use a punch or did you buy them like that?

  2. Cricut, When it's cold outside. They come out pretty.